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Tax Preparation

The rules and legislation around tax planning and preparation are complex and can be confusing for individuals. When you only need to submit a tax return once a year, it can be difficult to keep up with changes in the law. To remain compliant with your obligations while minimizing the tax that you need to pay, it can be beneficial to engage the services of a tax professional.

Tax Resolution

At U.S. Tax, LLC, our licensed tax professionals know how to successfully negotiate with the IRS for terms that are amenable to your situation, whether it be more time to pay back what you owe, the reduction of unfair penalties, or even the postponement of tax debt collection until your situation improves. There is a solution out there for you, no matter how dire your situation may seem. We help to stop enforced collection actions like wage garnishment or bank levy, amend or file unfiled returns, negotiate with the IRS for possible tax debt reduction or penalty abatement, and negotiate a fair and reasonable payment arrangement with the IRS.

U.S. Tax LLC, offers a full range of tax planning and preparation services for individuals.The firm specializes in tax preparation. We can help you to work out how much tax you need to pay, secure any tax refunds promptly, and resolve any tax problems that you may have.

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